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Facts about the country

Todays Cameroon is after decades of german, british and french colonial repression an indepentend Republic with its president Paul Biya beeing in office since 1983.

The capital is Yaoundé, lying in the rolling hills of central Cameroun. Largest town and also the countrys commercial heart is Doula with its deepwater port. And with more than a million inhabitants another one of these busy and overcrowed central african mega towns.

The countrys climate is thanks to its enormous north south spread rather different. From dampy tropical rainforests in the south, an allmost southern european climate in the so called grassland to extreme dry areas towards the sahel in the north.

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A training measure for bakers in Douala

Baker Master Friedemann Weber member in the Master Committee for the baker handicraft Mannheim reports on its stay and experience in the training center for bakers in Douala.

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German Cameroonian Know How School - Banenga (Cameroon)

Vocational education offers a perspective in life for the individual and at the same time can help achieving more global goals. So together with basic professional knowledge sustainable building techniques can be tougt that help to save energy and natural ressources.

Building techniques that save ressources are cost effective and prevent further damage to Camerouns threatend environment. To respect the local climate while designing a building makes life in it more comfortable and helps to save energy and money too.

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